Fast-Track IT Support

Here's how to get support, FAST! We're here to help you Grow Forward without IT interruptions slowing you down.

Reach out by email when you hit a tech snag

Instant Ticket Creation & Stay Updated: We create a ticket automatically. We’ll email you immediately to confirm that help is coming. Our team is here to get you back on track quickly.

Urgent issue? Call us – talk to a pro; they might be nerdy!

1300 302 207 -- Select Option 1

When you need Immediate Assistance we'll put you through to our next available tech expert.

All lines busy? Leave a Message:
Your time is precious—leave a voicemail, and we’ll act as soon as possible.

Self-serve via the Interlinked Helpdesk portal
There are several things you can do yourself: Head over to our Helpdesk Portal or access the Helpdesk app right from your desktop via the shortcut.