Campbells Horticultural


About us

Campbells Horticultural (CHS) provides specialised analytical services to major horticultural producers in Australia.Advice on what, how and when to sample is critical to get the highest accuracy and meaningful results.We provide a cost effective testing package with fast turn-around times saving you time.The reports will provide detailed information in plain English about your produce so you can make informed decisions.

Analytical Services Provided

Campbells Horticultural with its highly trained agronomic staff are able to offer growers a complete produce testing package based on the principals of quality, safety and ethical service. The specialised nature of crop protect ants, pathogens and the variety of crops grown demand the experience of the Agronomistas essential to its success. The testing services our agronomy staff will provide can best be described in the following list:

  • Advise on how often, what, where and how to sample.

  • Advice on produce sampling procedures.

  • Testing is done by laboratories approved by NATA(National Association of Testing Authorities).

  • Testing that meets all of your quality assurance needs including SQF 2000, HACCP & Freshcare.

  • The choice of an in-field service that saves growers time which can be spent in running other areas of their business.

  • All invoicing will be done at the time of sampling.

  • Produce, soil, water and ice testing.

  • Crop chemical residues, microbial, plant nutrition and soil analysis.

  • Identification of pest and disease problems.

  • Insecticide, Fungicide and Herbicide resistance strategies.

  • Fast turn-around times.

  • A written report with meaningful recommendations.

  • Accurate advice on pesticide registrations, withholding periods and microbial issues.

  • Automatic notification and re-test if a MRL is exceeded.

  • All diagnostic, sap and soil analysis tests are done by independent bodies, not aligned to any particular supplier.