E.E. Muir & Sons Pty Ltd employ highly trained agronomic staff who are able to offer growers a complete package based on the principals of quality and ethical service. Unlike broad-acre, the specialised nature of row cropping and the variety of crops grown, demand the experience of the Agronomist as essential to its success.

The services we offer are:-

  • An unparalleled product range in the horticultural industry.

  • Commercial agronomist that give accurate on farm advice.

  • Trained Agricultural graduates in all fields.

  • Fertiliser recommendations for side dressing as well as fertigation or foliar.

  • Crop rotation information as well as Bio-fumigation and Green Manure advice.

  • Accurate advice on pesticide registrations, withholding periods etc.

  • Variety selection and update on new seed varieties and trials.

  • Development of IPM strategies.

  • Weed control and herbicide selection.

  • Identification of pest problems.

  • Post harvest technology advice.

  • Insecticide, Fungicide and Herbicide resistance strategies.


  • Plant Sap & Tissue analysis

  • Soil Tests & Interpretations

  • Disease Diagnosis

  • Water testing analysis

  • Nutrition Diagnostics

  • Crop residue analysis

We also supply a range of crop specific information manuals, which can be obtained, through our outlets or by clicking on the links in Technical Information tab above.

Vine Guides, Pome & Stone Fruit Post Harvest Guide, Berry Guide, Wine Catalogue, Product Information Catalogues, Speciality Fertiliser information.