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Now registered in canola, wheat and barley!

Versys is a very powerful ‘5-star’ insecticide with activity against aphids at all emerged life stages. Versys is now registered in a very wide range of crops, including wheat, barley and canola.

Already a mainstay for many vegetable growers, Versys offers grain growers the same advantages: its new Group 9D mode of action will help manage resistance, and its minimal impact on beneficial insects and bees make it an ideal addition to any IPM program.

Versys stops affected label pests, which also include whiteflies and mealybugs in some crops, from feeding in just a few minutes. That rapid impact helps to prevent transmission of the damaging diseases the insects can spread.

Mode of action: Group 9D insecticide
Active ingredient(s): 100 g/L Afidopyropen
Formulation: Dispersible concentrate (DC)

Powerful and lasting control of aphids using a new active to help manage insecticidal resistance

How it works

Like all Group 9 insecticides, Versys® acts as a chordotonal organ TRPV channel modulator. Chordotonal organs are stretch sensors that insects rely on for their senses of hearing and balance and which are critical for coordinated movement. When Versys selectively binds to TRPV channels, it causes the sensors to send continuous chordotonal nerve signals independent of joint movement.

The result is that target pests stop feeding in as little as 15 minutes as they become deaf, disoriented and unable to control their legs and antennae. The resulting jittery movements can then create the appearance of ‘dancing’.

One of the key benefits of using #Versys Insecticide is how quickly it stops aphids from feeding: in as little as 15 minutes! This prevents further direct damage & minimises the opportunity for virus transmission. Watch the biological process here: